Most effective with latest Technics in painting

What do you feel when you look at nature painting ?

The first thing that comes to my mind is “Wow, it’s so beautiful , can I make it ? “
Here is when we start developing an interest in it and with the passion and the amount of dedication you have in you, the answer comes from deep within yourself, yes off course why not, I’m ready to give time for it because I like it, it’s my hobby, I’d like to learn. 

What we do

Intermediate Exams

Intermediate exams

Elementary Exams

We prepare students for the Elementary examination, which is a Maharashtra Government exam.This certification marks are added to SSC Board exams. A Grade: Additional 15 Marks B Grade: Additional 10 Marks

Drawing Classes

We provided basic drawing trainings to school going kids to help them complete their school assignments.It also helps them to relax themselves after a tiering school day and refreshes their mood after attending a evening drawing class session. We also help and train students to participate in various school level as well and State level Drawing Competitions.

Pencil Sketching

Many people have a hobby about sketching, we teach latest styles and techniques on sketching, you will be able to fill up the whole page with something which is in front of you, or make a portrait of the face of your role model.

Water Color Paintings

Water Color Paintings

Canvas Painting

Canvas painting is a beautiful Art, where in you are thought to paint on Canvas, you can explore your ideas and get them on Canvas, you can also gift your loved ones a beautiful one of these.

Our Students Paintings


What our Students say

Zoom drawing classes is the best in Vadgaon sheri, Anil Sir's experience and knowledge helps me a lot to learn and develop my hobby in drawing and painting.
Manisha Palande

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